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Call For Papers: Special Journal Of Politics and Economic Sustainability

call for papers

Call For Papers: Special Journal Of Politics and Economic Sustainability


In this call for papers, we invite you to submit your papers for publication in the maiden edition of the Special Journal of Politics and Economic Sustainability Papers will be accepted till the end of November because the Special Journal of Political Science Publishes two editions in a year.

The advantage of this call for papers for the Special Journal of Politics and Economic Sustainability papers is that all papers accepted for publication will be published online on rolling bases until the period elapses in line with online publishing and different from print publishing that waits till the end of the period before publishing the volume.

In this Call for papers on the Special Journal of Politics and Economic Sustainability, the first ten manuscripts to be accepted in this call for papers will receive 95% of the regular US$ 250 off discount to get the papers published.  Paper types include but not limited to – research papers, short communication, and letters to editors, reviews, meta-analysis, case reports, book chapters, book reviews, and many others. Submit your paper here…

What We Publish


Political science is the field of the social sciences concerning the theory and practice of politics and the description and analysis of political systems and behavior. The three main branches of political science are political theory, public law, which covers constitutional, administrative, and international law, and public administration.

Call for papers on General topics

Special Journal of Politics and Economic Sustainability will accept papers that deal with the following topics in political Science:

  • Theory and philosophy
  • Concepts, and game theory
  • Systems, economy, and ideology,
  • Psephology (voting systems and electoral behavior),
  • Geopolitics and political geography,
  • Call for papers on Policy studies and public policy analysis,
  • Call for papers on Comparative politics and National systems,
  • Cross-national political analysis, and political economy
  • Supranational and intergovernmental politics,
  • Call for papers on Globalization studies, and political development
  • International relations, and Foreign policy analysis,
  • Peace, Security and Conflict analysis,
  • International law and politics,
  • Call for papers on Public administration, psychology, and local government studies,
  • Bureaucratic, administrative and judicial behavior,
  • Call for papers on Legislative processes and public law.
  • Power in international relations and
  • The theory of great powers and superpowers

Papers for consideration within our scope should focus on

domestic politics such as public opinion, elections, national government, and state, local, or regional government.

Comparative politics

Comparative politics such as politics within countries (often grouped into world regions) and analyzes similarities and differences between countries.

International relations 

International relations such as the political relationships and interactions between countries, including

  • the causes of war,
  • the formation of foreign policy,
  • international partisan economy, and
  • the structures that increase or decrease the policy options available to governments.
  • International relations are organized as a separate department in some universities.

Classical philosophy and contemporary theoretical

A partisan theory such as classical philosophy and contemporary theoretical perspectives (e.g., constructivism, critical theory, and postmodernism). Public administration such as the role of the bureaucracy, practical applications within political science, and prepares students for careers in the civil service.

Public law 

This includes constitutions, legal systems, civil rights, and criminal justice (now increasingly its own discipline).

Public policy

This includes such as passage and implementation of all types of government policies, particularly those related to civil rights, defense, health, education, economic growth, urban renewal, regional development, and environmental protection.

To be more specific the scope of our interest in publication in the Special Journal of Political Science is outlined below for the attention of the authors.  

historically influential theories

We will accept papers within our scope, that interpret, critiques, and constructs philosophical conceptions and arguments concerning morally appropriate and prudent standards and purposes for political actors and regimes. Papers for consideration should include but not limited to historically influential theories, the genealogy of partisan ideas, democratic theory, and contemporary theories of legitimacy, identity, ethics, the good society, and social justice.

Formation and acquisition of political attitudes, beliefs, and preferences

We will accept papers within our scope, that deal with the formation and acquisition of political attitudes, beliefs, and preferences by individuals and groups; and how those beliefs, attitudes, and preferences, as well as various social identities, map onto political behaviors and decision-making. Papers for consideration should deal with the origin, nature, and measurement of public opinion; voting and elections; mass participation; collective action; political parties; interest groups; and disruptive political action.

Politics and markets

We will accept papers that examine the reciprocal relationships between politics and markets, both within and among countries, using a variety of analytical tools, including those of economics.

Economic and political development

Papers for consideration should deal with interactions among economic and political development; cooperation and conflict among nations, groups, and individuals; the distribution of material resources and political power; the effects of partisan actors and institutions on economic outcomes; the causes and consequences of technological and structural change, growth, and globalization; and regulation.

Formal and informal rules, practices, and regularities

We will accept papers that study the formal and informal rules, practices, and regularities at both the domestic and international levels that guide and constrain political choices and activities.

Papers for consideration should be concerned with the emergence, dynamics, and consequences of institutions in both authoritarian and non-authoritarian regimes.

Constitutional design

This focus includes constitutional design and how the organization of legislatures, parties, judiciaries, markets, and other social structures shape relationships between individuals and states and, in turn, the factors shaping the emergence and evolution of those institutions.

We will accept papers that are within our scope, dealing with the study of political violence – armed conflict both within and across state borders – and to the study of politics in the shadow of violence.

Understand the causes of armed conflict

Papers we accept should seek to understand the causes of armed conflict and violence, the conduct and consequences of the use of violence and coercion by state and non-state actors, and the conditions under which the peace and security of states, societies, groups, and individuals can be protected.

Papers for consideration should examine the policies and strategies used by states and other agents – both domestic and international – to control, manage, contain, or prevent the use of partisan violence.

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